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Donamia comes from the world famous breeding program of the Schickedanz family in Canada. She combines two of the best mare lines in her pedigree and is bred along the successful combinations that made this farm known in sport horse breeding. Even though older, this substantial and very correct grey mare is one of our best mares and has produced great foals for us. To our delight, she also managed to leave us a future replacement in her stunning filly Damiana by EH Hohenstein. Donamia is a great brood mare that takes impeccable care of her foals and has proven herself many times.

Amiego *Ps*E*
Carajan by Herbstwind
Hapag by Komet
ES Abiza *E*
Maharadscha by Famulus
Abendrot by Absalon
Schwalbenflug by Impuls
Märchenblüte by Maigraf xx
Tannenberg *E* by Sterndeuter
Donau Girl by Mazagran

born 1989; American Trakehner

Mare family of A3A2a1 Donauperle

The sire Amiego *Ps*E* was bred by the Schickedanz family and was a maternal half brother to the legendary Olymic show jumper Abdullah *Pg*E*. Amiego competed at CCI** level and won a Team silver medal at the Pan American Games. He also had a successful show jumper career and after he started his breeding career in the US, was actually leased to Germany for one breeding season. Sadly, he died before he returned back to the US, but in that one year he produced two approved stallions for Germany (Graziello and the CIC*** eventer Oktavio), a number of excellent mares (e.g. the dam of the great show jumper Kairos TSF), and most importantly, several very successful sport horses. His offspring competed at FEI levels in dressage, show jumping and eventing in Europe!

Amiego's sire Händel had made a name for himself as a good show jumper producer in Germany. Not a big surprise here, since his sire Carajan, to this day probably, was the breed's most consistent and successful show jumper sire. Very sadly, his line is almost gone today, and only represented in Germany by his very old grand son Sarafan and the above mentioned Octavio. In the US, Kitfox was an approved, Inter I dressage stallion by Amiego, but sadly he too died in 2006. We're very happy to have Donamia, because she truly has more jumping potential bred into her than most of our other mares, and her foals to far seem to reflect that talent.

The dam of Donamia, Donauwiese produced the approved stallion Donnerkeil (by Graditz). Her dam is the ATA Honor Roll mare Donauperle, who is the direct dam of the approved stallion Donaudeen (by Aberdeen), and the mare Damsel (dam of the approved Degen). Donauperle was able to found her own branch of the famous Donna family in the United States. Her family tree is very big, this is one of the breed's biggest mare lines today. In Germany, the branch of Donauquelle was especially successful with stallions and performance horses like Donauprints and Donaumonarch (both FEI show jumpers), the premium stallions Donaufels, Donaukaiser and Donaufischer and other young, very promising sires like Donauzar, Donauzauber, or the 2006 reserve champion in Neumünster, Donaugold. The same family also produced the impeccable Donauwind, and traces back in its origin to the grey mare Donna, who was a daughter of the exceptional sporthorse sire Cancara, one of Trakehnen's best stallions.

Donauwiese herself also combines some good jumper lines with Impuls (whose son Kassius was one of the best sport horse producers in the breed) and most noteably, the Polish Trakehner Mazagran, a "forgotten hero" in German Trakehner breeding. The stallion came from Poland's famous Liski stud and only covered a few mares in Germany, but with huge success: he sired the FEI show jumper and approves stallion Rittersporn, and the mare Kordia, who produced the two approved stallions Kir Royal (show jumper by Itaxerxes) and Kronjuwel (FEI dressage stallion by Matador). Besides these results in breeding, Mazagran offspring can be found at FEI levels in dressage, show jumping, driving and eventing!

Offspring of Donamia

At Sunsprite, Donamia has produced Darshan (*2001 Trakehner by Heling), Whistlin' Dixie (*2003 AWS by Iroco), and Damiana (*2005 Trakehner by EH Hohenstein).

by Heling

Whistlin' Dixie
by Iroko

by EH Hohenstein

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