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We are very excited about our latest acquisition, the German State and Verband Premium mare In Zukunft. Hailing from one of the best mare families in the breed, she has already accomplished a lot under saddle and we will continue her dressage career as far as we can go. At her first public appearance in 2008, she was inspected into the GOV main mare book with a score of 7.0 (placing 2nd that day) and won the ATA Mare SHow Grand Champion title in Burbank, CA, in November of 2008. In Zukunft has placed and won at 3rd level in 2009 and is showing at 4th level in March 2010.

EH Buddenbrock
EH Sixtus
Habicht by Burnus AAH
Stradelle by Ibikus
ESt Ballerina XXI
Diamant by Erzsand *E*
ESt Blinkicht by Burnus AAH
SPS,PS+ESt Insterfee VII
EH Michelangelo by Pasteur xx
Kordelia by EH Mackensen
PS Indica
Onassis *E* by EH Consul
ESt Inderin by Karwendelstein

born 2000; German Trakehner

State & Verband Premium mare; Inspection: 8,8,8/8,9.5,8.5/9 (59); MPT score 8.11

Mare family of O15A Italia (Scharffetter-Kallwischken/Hengstenberg)

In Zukunft means "in the future", and what a fitting name for this lovely mare and the big plans we have for her. Bred by Hans-Joachim Scharfetter, her career began in 2003 when she was the Champion mare of her inspection in Lower Saxony/North-West in a group of high quality horses. She was Germany's highest inspected 3year old Trakehner mare in 2003. She earned her ticket to participate at the Neumünster National Mare Championships that are held every year in conjunction with the International Stallion Market. Before that event, she was performance tested, winning her test with a score of 8.11. She concluded her year by taking a Ic prize at the National Mare Championships in Neumünster, and was also a selected riding horse in that auction.

Sold at auction to Inge and Frank Weißkirchen of Borken, Germany, she began her performance career immediately. To this day, In Zukunft has won and placed up to 3rd level in dressage, and in suitability classes in jumping and driving (!!) in Germany. She has jumped cross country as well. She was selected to represent the regional Trakehner Team for the Rhineland at the International Bundesturnier in Hanover and has many admirers and fans wherever she appears. In hand, she became the Reserve Champion mare of her class at the huge State Mare Show for the Rhineland breeding district in 2004. She has been under saddle and in shows for the past 5 years straight and obviously her soundness is a big plus!

And while this horse is really one in a million for us, it is her great, people-oriented personality that really "got us" about her. If there is something new to explore, rest assured, In Zukunft's nose will be in it. Since spring 2008, she is now in training with former Canadian Team member and WEG competitor Elizabeth Hopps-McDonnel and the two have made great progress. Trained by Olympian Christine Traurig, we are looking forward to the first shows in the spring of 2009.

In Zukunft's background is the private East Prussian stud of the Scharffetter family, which used to be located in Kallwischken. In Zukunft's 7th dam on her botton line was the model mare Italia (born in 1936 by Eichendorf), who pulled one of Scharffetter's trek wagons from East Prussia all the way to West Germany. Her dam Ita was considered one of East Prussia's best mares of her time (1925-1935) and it was Italia who put this line on a whole new level after WWII. Italia's daughters were excellent brood mares, her most influential offspring however was the century sire Impuls, who sired 15 approved sons (among them Kassius, foundation stallion for the exceptional jumper line of Suchard - Balisto Z; the Schwalbe-brothers Schwalbenflug, Schwalbenfreund and Schwalbenzug; and the ATA's Mikado) and so many important daughters that the breed would simply not have the foundation it has today without Impuls. Just as examples, the dams of the stallions Hyalit, Ibikus, Infant, Intimus, Kassiber, Kastilio, Santiago, Valerian, Zauberklang, Seeadler or Mozart were all direct Impuls daughters, and their daughters in turn produced stallions like EH Anduc, EH Van Deyk, EH Heuriger, Humanus, Illuster, EH Itaxerxes, Kadre Noir, Stradivari, Showmaster, Schwadroneur or Sans Souci!

The connection to In Zukunft came with Ideale (by Totilas), who accompanied her mother Italia on the treck, and her daughter Irene by Humboldt (pictured right), a full sister to Impuls and dam of the mare Indra (by Anteil). Irene was a successful performance horser with a record in show jumping, dressage and eventing and passed her mare performance test (we're talking the 1950s here!) with a special "pulling willingness test", where mares were required to drag loads in harness up to a certain weight. Indra was a classical Scharffetter-bred mare with Humboldt and TB blood in the third generation (Stern xx and Paradox xx). She died rather young at age 15, but left her breeder with an exceptional filly: Inderin (by Karwendelstein), later to be named elite mare in Germany.

Inderin produced 10 foals for her breeder, among them the approved State Stud stallion Inkognito (by EH Consul), the approved Grand Prix dressage stallion Inspekteur (by Mahagoni) and the champion mares Idylle II (by EH Consul), Indiana III (by EH Consul) and Indica (by Onassis). Inkognito is the dam sire of the international Grand Prix dressage gelding Sachsenkönig, his approved full brother Sachsenwald (both by Handryk) and the approved 70 day test winner Herzog. Inspekteur had a great career under saddle and also sired several highly accomplished daughters. Maybe it is fate that we own one of his very few direct daughters as well, Coalesce. Idylle II produced the premium mare Imposante VI by EH Ravel, who herself has already 4 inspected main mare book daughters in Germany. Indiana III produced the ATA's approved Ichi-Ban (by Polarpunkt), who was also bred by Scharffetter, but imported to the US as a youngster. And finally, Indica was one of only three daughters of Onassis in Germany. She died very young, but left the breed with probably toda's most successful mare: the Verband and State Premium and elite mare Insterfee VII by the 1991 champion stallion Kennedy.

Insterfee VII has produced 9 foals in 9 years, and she is again in foal for 2008. Fertility, although maybe not in high regard as a trait today, is one we pay very close attention to. Too much money can go down the drain with fertility issues. A dam line that has been this consistent over the past 80 years now, can surely only be considered a plus. Insterfee's first foal was the approved In Petto (by EH Buddenbrock). The stallion was stationed at Gestüt Webelsgrund, but had to be gelded after an accident in 2008. He is a riding horse now and on his way to the S class in dressage. A year later, our In Zukunft was born. And when you get two foals of that quality, you just keep breeding the same match .... 2001 the chestnut In Flagranti was born, who was the NMS champion stallion in 2003 and is now an accomplished young dressage horse in Germany, with two ribbons from the 2006 and 2007 finals of the Bundeschampionat in dressage and a winner at S level at age 7! 2002, another chestnut full sibling hit the straw, this time a filly, and again, a repetition of In Zukunft's initial success story: In Farbe was champion of her inspection and passed an excellent MPT. The last full sibling from this match was born in 2003, the black mare In Vita. Another champion title at the inspection, another appearance as a NMS auction horse, and qualified for the 2007 Bundeschampionat, where she competed with her brother In Flgranti (just in different classes). She also competed at the finals of the FEI World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden in 2008. Is that enought proof of a thoughly bred mare line?

And the sire? EH Buddenbrock was approved in Neumünster in 1996 and is Sixtus' most important son to this day. Himself an upper level eventer, he sired several approved sons, including two champions (EH King Arthur TSF, now a Grand Prix dressage horse; and In Flagranti), the exceptional EH Connery (already sire of several approved sons e.g. res champion Imperio, the winner of the Bundeschampionat in 2008), Blue Hors Armano, the ATA's Inamorato and an impressive number of daughters with premium titles in the German blooks. Buddenbrock is a full brother to the dam of Blitz und Donner (ATA) and his second dam Blinklicht also produced the Grand Prix dressage stallion EH Benz.

Even though breeding is not our primary goal for In Zukunft at this point, the fact that her pedigree boasts the most successful and important names in Trakehner breed since WWII, including much needed top quality Angloarabian and TB blood make her an excellent choice for a variety of stallions, and in her case we're certain the question will not be "what can the stallion do for our mare", but rather "which stallion will be lucky enought". Exciting times at Sunsprite.

Offspring of In Zukunft

In Zukunft was bred to the young Trakehner stallion Cardinali in 2009 and was in foal, but the embryo transfer we had planned did not work out. We are repeating this cross in 2010.

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