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Nadja is a very pretty chestnut Trakehner mare and carries some unusual older bloodlines that we value a lot (see below). Her personality is outstanding, and we really enjoy her around every day. This mare is of middle frame, has a good foundation and a beautiful type with good feminine features. Don affectionately calls her his "hippie", thanks to her amazingly thick and curly hair! Nadja is expecting a 2009 foal by the Trakehner Herzberg.

Avignon II
Flaneur by Maharadscha
ES Arcticonius xx by Apollonius xx
SPS Piazza
Marengo by Carajan
Peptia III by Koriander
Flötenspieler by Polarstern
Nieboga by Traum
Double Test xx
Roman Bath xx by Roman xx
Times now xx by Roman Bath xx

born 1996; American Trakehner

Mare Family E20C - Double Test xx

The sire Pajou was bred by Ricarda Barton of Sorento, IL. One of America's biggest Trakehner farms, Rolling Oaks Farm, purchased him as a young colt and successfully presented him for approval to the American Trakehner Association in 1989. Avignon II is a full brother to the important major sire EH Arogno in Germany, who founded one of the strongest dressage lines in the breed today. Among his many approves sons are several that competed at S levels and FEI in dressage, e.g. Schwadroneur, EH Partout, EH Napoleon Quatre, Karon or Giorgio Armani. The second sire Flaneur is named "century sire" for the Trakehner breed, and truly deserves this title. He had many sons that had siginificant impact on the breeding of dressage horses, not only in the Trakehner breed. Imagine where we would be without Gajus, Istanbul, Rubin, EH Arogno and the like. Flaneur's sire Maharadscha was a grey Trakehner of significant importance to the breed, especially also through his daughters. Among the most famous are the mares ES Abiza *E* and Fawiza. While Abiza is most known for her son Abdullah *Pg*E*, Fawiza, among others, produced the excellent grey Fabian (like Abdullah a son of Donauwind), but unlike Abdullah, he was an international Grand Prix dressage stallion for owner Dr. Reiner Klimke.

Pajou's dam line is a branch of the very good Peraea-line that also stands for stallions like Pregel, Pernambuco, Pregelstrand *Ps*E* or today, Pret a Porter and Pricolino. Back at the very roots, this is also the line that produced the two international dressage stallions EH Partout and Peron TSF. Pajou's dam Piazza also produced the mare Pillau, dam of the ATA approved Pennent.

Nadja's dam line is a major breeding line at Rolling Oaks Farm, where we also purchased this sweet and beautiful mare in 2004. At Rolling Oaks, Nadja already had three foals by Bütow *E* (please see below in the photo gallery). Her maternal half sister Norita *M* was the very first Model mare the ATA ever had. Her sire Nenufar was approved as a Trakehner breed stallion even though he carried a substantial amount of Hanoverian blood: his sire's dam, the mare Flämin, was a Hanoverian mare. At Rolling Oaks, the combination of Nenufar with Double Test xx yielded in several brood mares that were all ATA inspected and registered. Nenfuar was imported to the US in the 60s and belonged to the very first group of stallions approved. He came from Polish lines and the Polish Kadyny National Stud. His dam sire Traum was of significant importance to the Trakehner breed in the East, and his son Patron was imported to Germany, founding one of the best riding horse lines in West Germany via many daughters as well as his stallion son EH Mackensen! Nenufar sired the eventing stallion Wasyl, who interestingly was out of a daughter of Roman Bath xx and was competed by Bruce Davidson. Wasyl was the ATA's Palmenblüte Award winner in 1978.

Offspring of Nadja

Nadja had two foals for her former owners. In 2009, she produced the lovely Neelah (by Herzberg).

by Herzberg


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