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Feine Melodie was born in 2002 (alongside Cassia's ET foal Domai) and has progressed nicely as a dressage horse. We are offering her for sale at this point. Her trainiing is solid 2nd level, and she has good show experience under her belt. She is a very friendly and highly rideabile horse - just like her pedigree suggests. Feine Melodie is in training with former WEG competitor and Canadian Team member Elizabth McConnell and most recently finished with scores of 68% and 71% at first level, test 3 and 4, respectively. Video is available upon request.

Feiner Stern
Freiherr by Furioso II - Agram
Goldblatt by Goldstern - Romulus II
Admiral I by Absatz - Pregel/Trak
Landfarn by Lavendel - Agram
EH Caprimond/Trak
Karon by EH Arogno - Ibikus
PS+ES Capri IV by EH Mackensen - Herzbube
Weltmeyer by World Cup I - Absatz
SPS Eisfee by Eiger I - Derneburg

born 2002; Oldenburg

Feine Melodie combines outstanding dressage lines from the Oldenburg, Hanoverian and Trakehner breeds in her world-class pedigree. Sire Feinbrand is an accomplished dressage sire in Europe and North America, and carries the highly proven lines of Furioso II, Goldstern, Romulus II (origin of Rubinstein) as well as Abglanz and Pregel from the Trakehner breed. On the bottom, you will find the highly proven combination of Hanover's stamping sire Weltmeyer with the exceptional Trakehner major sire EH Caprimond. True to her heritage, Feine Melodie is a very willing and highly trainable dressage horse, and combines athleticism with great elegance. Her dam Cassia stamps her offspring with great beauty and nobility and you can find details about her career here at Sunsprite on her own page: Cassia.

More details about the lines of Feinbrand can be found on his site: Feinbrand.

Feine Melodie is a top notch performance horse, but should you desire to start a quality breeding program at some point, then this mare is also a great opportunity to bring in some internationally proven performance lines.

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