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Amorous is an American bred Trakehner mare of medium size and frame with a lovley personality and great natural rideability. She is a joy to work with, and has shown talent for both dressage and jumping. In 2008, she was inspected into the OSB of the ATA at the Annual Convention in Burbank,CA and received Model mare status as the only mare entered in this show. She will now resume her riding career.

Bütow *E*
Pasteur xx by Bürgermeister xx
ES Maharani II by Flaneur
Barina II
Ricardo by Index
Baronin by Flaneur
Merkur by Schwalbenflug
Heimische by Gazal ShA
Märchenstein by Hessenstein
Abendstille by Tschad

born 2000; American Trakehner

ATA Model mare; Inspection: 8,8,7/8,9,8/8 (56)

Mare family of ES Abiza *E* (Schickedanz - Canada)

The sire Bütow *E* was approved in Germany and soon after imported to the US. He continues to stand at Rolling Oaks Farm, where we also bought Amorous in 2004. Bütow has made a name for himself as an excellent riding horse producer, and with that, comes much after his famous sire line. Bütow has several approved sons in the ATA books, of which the intermediate eventer Tradition *Ps* and his full brother Tigre stand out. Bütow's sire line was founded by the impeccable TB stallion Pasteur xx, who stood at the famous Gestüt Vogelsamgshof in Germany.
From there, he had significant influence on the breed, both in producing high quality daughters and his two outstanding sons Mahagoni and EH Michelangelo. Like Pasteur xx, Mahagoni died rather young (age 12), but is probably the most important dressage sire of the younger Trakehner breed worldwide. His sons Peron TSF, Chronos and Marlon competed internationally at championships like the European Dressage Championships of the Olympic Games (where Peron won Team Bronze in 1996), and the list of Mahagoni's offspring at FEI levels in competition is very long. Of equal importance are his many sons, of which especially Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* through his son Kostolany and his grand son EH Gribaldi stands out. This is also the sire line of the recently most talked about international dressage star, the Danish-bred grey mare Matine (whose sire Silvermoon is a Trakehner by Kostolany).

Mahagoni shares his most famous mother with the outstanding Trakehner sporthorse sire EH Mackensen, one of the most versatile stallions the breed ever had. Mahagoni's full brother Marlon had less of an impact due to very low breeding numbers during his active career. The dam line, in other branches, also produced the exceptional Maharadscha, sire of Flaneur, and the DLG champion stallion Matador, dam sire of EH Hohenstein, EH Michelangelo and EH Monteverdi TSF!

Bütow's dam Barina II was one of the few Ricardo daughters in the Trakehner breed. Ricardo's sire Index was a son of the exceptional stallion Pregel, who among many other imortant sons and daughters left the breed with Donauwind! Ricardo's dam was also of very high quality: the DLG champion mare Rastenburg not only produced Ricardo, but also produced the mare Rauhe (by Donauwind). Rauhe had two sons on the Trakehner breed, both of unparalleled quality: EH Ravel and EH Rockefeller! On top of the versatile talent in this pedigree, Bütow is inbred to the great Flaneur, a popular concept in dressage horse breeding today.

On the dam side, Amorous carries typical "Schickedanz" breeding through dam sire Hänsel, and the dam line of Abiza. Amore by Hänsel also produced Annabelle Lee, a former brood mare at KD Trakehners and now owned by a Hanoverian breeding operation in Wisconsin. Hänsel is also the sire of successful hunters and the Prix St Georg dressage horse Blue Steel. He comes from the important Impuls stallion line that also stands for stallions like the top FEI show jumper Suchard. Hänsel's dam line goes back to the mare Heimkehr, and the line further produced an unusually high number of S level competition horses in Germany, dressage and show jumping. Among them is approved jumper Heimherr, as well as the younger approved Hidalgo (NMS in 2005, now a State Stud stallion in Moritzburg). This is also the dam line of the stallion Heidedorn. In North America, this mare family is also represented at Arizona-based Sovereign Farm.

Second dam sire Märchenstein, like Donauwind and Abiza, stood at Gestüt Birkhausen, a Verband owned stud farm in South Germany in the late 70s. Märchenstein was developed to S level in dressage and also stood at Klosterhof Medingen for some time, where it was reported that the stallion was Eugen Wahler's favorite private riding horse. Märchenstein was probably the most significant of the 15 Hessenstein sons in the breed. He bred very little numbers, but especially in the local warmblood breed, managed to sire a number of excellent sport horses up to advanced levels, predominantly in show jumping.

A very interesting stallion in this pedigree is finally Tschad, a son of one of the best TB stallions ever, the chestnut Prince Rouge xx. Like almost no other, Prince Rouge xx produced jumping talent in his offspring, and even has a good name in Hanover these days. For the Trakehners, he left a number of exceptional daughters (e.g. Tschad's full sister, the DLG champion mare and foundation brood mare Tracht). Prince Rouge xx is also the foundation stallion of the small, but highly proven Prince Conde - Zauberklang *E* line in the Trakehner breed. Today, this narrow line is represented by the FEI dressage stallion Zenit, the CIC** eventer Sedar, the older Turnus and the 2008 approved "best jumper" in NMS, Lombardi. Sadly, Zauberklang's exceptional son Enim Pascha, an accomplished FEI dressage horse, passed away rather untimely in late 2006 at age 13.

The dam line traces straight back to the mare Abiza *E*, probably one of the world's most successful brood mares. At one point in time, 7 (!) of her offspring were competing internationally in eventing and show jumping. Without a doubt, her most famous son was the great Abdullah *Pg*E*. Her line is well represented in North America today, while in Germany, only one direct son remained at stud: Abisko.

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