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Madeira came to us in 2009 through the Elite Auction of the Trakehner Verband in Neumünster. She was in the collection of 2yr old fillies and impressed us with her laid back temper and her wonderful disposition. She is a horse with three high quality gaits and a lot of talent over jumps. Madeira is correct, tall, has rare genetics, some of which are unavailable in the US, and is a horse we can't wait to see perform! She remains in Germany at Gestüt Majenfelderhof for preparations for her mare performance test in June. She was inspected into the Main Mare Book of the Trakehner Verband May 1st 2010 with premium scores (total 54 points).

EH Biotop
Blesk by Eol
Plaska by Hockey
PS Goldstück
EH Hohenstein by EH Caprimond
Goldsaar by Saros xx
SPS+PS Martinique IV
Wie Ibikus by Ibikus
ES Schwalbenlied by Impuls
Moi et Toi xx
Gift Card xx by Dan Cupic xx
Mahomanda xx by Right Royal V xx

born 2-23-2007; German Trakehner

Elite Auction Neumünster 2009; Breeder: Claudia Rötschke, Erfweiler, Germany

Inspection scores May 1st 2010: 7.5,8,7.5/7.5,8,7.5/8 (total 54 points)

The sire Goldschmidt is the only approved son of Dr. Reiner Klimke's outstanding international Grand Prix dressage stallion EH Biotop in the Trakehner breed. Goldschmidt was approved after his performance test and has success in young dressage horse competitions in Europe. He already produced under saddle winners, premium mares and an approved son. His 4yr old son Honore won the Regional Riding Horse Championships in Limburg/the Netherlands in 2009. Goldschmidt is a tall and very elegant stallion with exceptional movement and a high degree of rideability, which is also firmly ankered in his outstanding pedigree.

EH Biotop, still actively standing at stud in Germany, has offspring competing at advanced levels in dressage in Europe. He came to Germany in the 90s, and was bred by the world famous Kirov Stud in Russia, where a big herd of Trakehner horses was maintained after WWII. Biotop was Dr.Klimke's last international star, and won many World Cup competitions and international Grand Prixs. He is a stallion of exuberant beauty and movement quality, two traits he passes on quite consistently. Via both his sire line and Hockey through his dam, he also carries excellent jumper potential, which can often be found in his offspring as well. Goldschmidt's dam Goldstück brings the very valuable blood of EH Hohenstein - a stallion proven in the dressage world beyond any doubt. Interestingly, his blood then falls on the great TB Saros xx, a maternal half brother to the exceptional race horse and sire Swazi xx - he left the Trakehner breed with a number of great mares, and the stallions EH Consul (foundation sire) and Grand Prix (international CCI*** eventer with Ingrid Klimke). Goldschmidt's dam line of Gundel also produced the FEI dressage stallions Giorgio Armani and Goldino. Interestingly, Giorgio Armani is dam sire of the currently best international Trakehner dressage horse, the black approved Insterburg TSF - a son of EH Hohenstein! Without a doubt the most known familoy member of the Gundel line however is the late EH Gribaldi, himself an international Grand Prix dressage winner and sire of countless advanced level performance horses in many stud books across the planet. To undermine his role in dressage breeding consider this: at the beginning of 2010, 3 of the 6 Dutch A Team horses were sired by EH Gribaldi: Sisther de Jeu, Painted Black and Moorland's Totilas. That is a historic first!

Madeira's dam is a State and Verband premium mare in Germany and passed an excellent mare performance test (score 7.69). She is a foundation mare for the Rötschke Stud in Rhineland-Palatinate and one of the last and rare daughters of the excellent sport horse sire Santiago in the Trakehner breed. Santiago was Champion in Neumünster in 1987 and is one of four approved sons of Wie Ibikus, who only turned 4 years old and is considered by many as the best son of Ibikus. His other sons include EH Vatout (Grand Prix dressage), Ferrum (leading dressage sire in the 90s) and Kiebitz (sire of EH Banditentraum). Santiago produced S level performance horses in dressage and eventing, and also had a very good reputation in the Bavarian warmblood breed where he was used as well. Santiago's dam Schwalbenlied produced Schwalbenburg, who is one of the most important mares in the Trakehner breed today. Her daughter Burgschwalbe (by Mozart *E*) produced the Champion stallion Seigneur, who was exported to the US, where he died after only one season of breeding. From his one season in Germany, he sired the ATA's approved Hennessey, one of the leading jumper and hunter producers of the breed in North America. Schwalbenburg then produced the approved stallions Schwadroneur, Showmaster, Sans Souci and Stradivari - all with tremendous success in competition and/or breeding. Schwadroneur was an international dressage horse for Denmark, and is a leading dressage producer in the Danish warmblood breed. Showmaster competed internationally in dressage for Switzerland and only recently came back to Germany to stand at stud. Sans Souci is a State Stud stallion in East Germany and a reliable jumper producer - his son Allenstein TSF competed on the German national Team (Young RIders) up to the European Championships in 2009 in show jumping. And Stradivari competed at M level as a show jumper and producced the two excellent sons Key West (M level dressage and show jumping; sire of advanced level performance horses) and K2 (champion in NMS and successful at Inter I in dressage). Lately, Schwalbenburg's daughter Schwalbenspiel produced the premium stallion Shavalou, the champion of 2006, Songline and the 2009 premium stallion Saint Cyr. Also from this very same branch of the famous Schwalbe family come a number of performance horses like the approved Showtime (successful at Inter I dressage in Germany with Canadian Olympic rider Leonie Bramall).

The falling dam line in this pedigree is pure TB - which made this pedigree all the more appealing to us. This is the type of refinement and blood we want in our sport horses! This particular mare family has already proven its worth in warmblood breeding.

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